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The latest from our on screen talent
Clinical lecturer in
Cardiovascular Medicine

Dr Amitava Banerjee

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Predictor Podcast Ep 20,

Ami spends his time between cardiology, research and teaching. His expertise lies in epidemiology and public health, particularly relating to heart disease, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. He has a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University and a DPhil from Oxford, and has published on topics from global health and medical education to vascular disease and patent law.

Ami has acted as advisor to the Cardiovascular Diseases Division at the World Health Organisation, and is currently Medical Advisor for the Health Impact Fund, a novel proposal to incentivise the development and delivery of new medicines by paying drug companies for the health impact of their medicines. His recent work about the family history of stroke in women with heart disease received worldwide media coverage from Radio 4 Woman’s Hour and the Daily Mail to ABC News and the Times of India. Ami also co-writes a popular evidence-based medicine blog,

In June 2012, Ami won the Specialist Factual New Talent Pitch at Sheffield Doc/Fest, with his project 'Heart of a Migrant'. 

Latest : In June 2012, Ami won the Specialist Factual New Talent Pitch at Sheffield Doc/Fest, with his project 'Heart of a Migrant'. Watch it now on Discovery.

Ami Banerjee

Ami presents 'Heart of a Migrant' for Discovery, recorded in December 2012.
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Dr Zoe Schnepp
Lecturer in Chemistry

Dr Zoe Schnepp

Zoe is a Chemist with an eye for sustainable research, focusing on the creation of functional nanomaterials from renewable resources. In particular, she is interested in using biomass to produce sustainable catalysts for various applications, such as energy generation and transfer.

In 2009, Zoe was a finalist in 'Fame Lab'.

picture of Dr Zoe Schnepp
Zoe Schnepp, Fame Lab.
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Nick Hawes, 2011
'Green Chemistry        
Predictor Podcast Ep 61,
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Dr Richard Clay
Art Historian

Richard is an art historian with a difference - his main area of research expertise is the destruction, rather than the production, of art.  

Richard is Director of the University’s Heritage and Cultural Learning Hub - and he tells us that between 1787 and 1807, Birmingham was the art capital of the purely quantitative terms!

 Richard Clay, Art Attacked

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Dr Nick Hawes
Lecturer in
Intelligent Robotics

Dr Nick Hawes
FameLab UK- 
Robot Localisation

Nick Hawes, 2011
Podcast logoRobots - the reality
Nick is a scientist working to deploy Artificial Intelligence technology on robots, with the aim of producing intelligent robot systems to provide services for future generations. This covers areas such as understanding language, machine vision, automated robot planning, navigation and mapping, and behaviour control. The resulting robots will range from entertainers and cleaners in our homes and offices, to security guards and caregivers in our institutions. 

To achieve this Nick studies tools and techniques for the integration software (creating the software necessary to program and control robots), ideas (ways to connect different AI techniques to each other) and people (putting together diverse teams to work on complex design problems). Nick also has experience in AI characters for games and virtual worlds, having originally trained to develop AI for the games industry with his PhD sponsored by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

A keen science communicator, Nick has presented on the ideas behind his work, and on the impact future AI technology will make on society, for the New Scientist and for Cheltenham Science Festival (as a Royal Academy of Engineering *Engaging Engineers* trainee). He was also part of the London Science Museum's Festival of Robots event in December 2011, which saw him interviewed live on BBC Breakfast.

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Dr Chris Allen

Specialist in minority communities,
discrimination and Islamophobia

Dr Chris Allen

Chris is an expert in Islamophobia and other forms of religious discrimination, and the subsequent policy implications in relation to security, anti-terror, community cohesion and integration.  

Following 9/11, he co-authored the EUMC’s report into Islamophobia in the EU, which, to this day, remains the largest monitoring project undertaken anywhere in the world into Islamophobia. He also spent three years as Director of Research & Policy at a national human rights agency, and has a strong policy background and experience of working with grassroots communities.

Chris has appeared on many TV and radio shows, including BBC1's The Big Questions, Midlands Today, Sky News, Channel 4 News, Dispatches, Press TV and the Islam Channel, not to mention various radio stations throughout the world.

Away from academia, Chris is a qualified football coach. He’s also been to the toilet in 10 Downing Street, which is usually an interesting conversation starter at dinner parties!

Interview with Dr Chris Allen
Copyright Beatriz Prates, 2010

Podcast logo9/11 ten years on - where are we now?
Predictor Podcast Ep 31,
Ideas Lab, 2011

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Predictor Podcast Ep 10, Ideas Lab, 2010
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